Accreditation by NAEYC


A Child’s Way has been accredited by The National Academy of Early Childhood Programs (NAEYC) since 1997.  National accreditation is a voluntary process in which the directors, staff, and parents join with representatives of the Academy to determine whether the program meets nationally recognized criteria for high quality early childhood programs.

The Academy defines a high quality early childhood program as one that meets the needs of and promotes the physical, social emotional, and cognitive development of the children and adults who are involved in the program.  Each day of a child’s life is viewed as leading toward the growth and development of a healthy, intelligent, and contributing member of society.

Accreditation gives A Child’s Way the recognition by our Early Childhood profession that our program is one of the best in the nation by meeting high quality standards for the children, the parents, and the staff.  We, as a staff, feel this is an important credential because the State of Oregon does not license preschools.

Short videos to watch from NAEYC: