About A Child's Way



Our Mission

A Child’s Way Kindergarten-Preschool serves young children by providing a developmentally-based curriculum which enhances self-esteem and promotes problem solving skills.

Our Philosophy

A Child’s Way offers an experiential learning environment, encouraging high self-esteem, independence, and positive social interactions.  We believe in helping children build high self-esteem in a non-competitive atmosphere…an atmosphere where mistakes or failures are viewed as natural happenings from which we learn.  We believe that helping children learn to accept what is beautifully unique about themselves and others is of primary importance.

Our guidance policy is based on a problem-solving technique which empowers children to find creative solutions to their problems.   This same technique encompasses our approach to all learning situations.

A lead teacher and assistant work together to provide a warm, learning environment.  The assistant adds an infusion of new ideas as well as continuity for the children.  With a second adult in the classroom, the teachers are better able to meet the children’s individual needs in addition to enriching and broadening their ability to effectively interact with others.

We offer an anti-bias curriculum which is developmentally based.  It is rich and varied, offering many experiences in art, music, dramatic play, large motor activities, blocks, games, science, pre-math, pre-reading, and pre-writing skills, social studies, and language arts.